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  • sam micheal francis Educational Injustice
    If a single teacher cannot teach all subjects,how den do we expect a single student to learn all subjects?
    18 June 2014Comment
  • pedetin assumpta GIVING
    What do u do for a 'giving'?.Many at times we decieve ourselves by sayin dat we dnt av..Bt d truth is,we always av sth to give out,small or big..examples are care,advice,prayers nd support.THOUGH money is d only tin dat comes to our mind wen we say day,all dat u av given will com back to u especially on d day u feel dat it is finished! Read All
    10 October 2012Comment
  • helen ohanusi is there limit 4 sacrifice in love
    D bible says love endures all and tolerates all. love conquers! if truly dts what true love is, then its worth all d sacrifice! love is sacrificial, keep loving limitlessly! naija let love abide!
    31 January 2012Comment
    • andy chuks Good one Helen
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    • ehiremen isaiah That's nice! But from the look of things, love seems to have the opposite attributes of what the Bible says about it. In the name of love, people have done unimaginable crazy things. Yes, that's because the Bible talks about a special type of love called AGAPE; God's kind of love. And only those that have received Christ can show those attributes mentioned... Read All
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  • andy chuks Who am I?
    Have you discovered who you are? The first step to success in any thing you do in life is discovering yourself, knowing what you are and what you want to be. Sit down and take time to set goals in your life and work towards them.
    12 November 2011Comment
    • helen ohanusi u're who u want u 2 be. knw where u're coming 4rm, dt will lead u 2 where u'll be in future. discover what u knw 2 do best and be ur best at it. spend less and save more, number one key 2 success. invest and dnt lavish all. be u and always real so dt d real u will manifest. one luv, one nigeria!
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  • andy chuks Being too Soft can be harmful
    We often try to care for our loved ones by pampering them. But the hard lessons of life has proved that these loved ones tend to take us for granted or misbehave often when we pamper them so much. It good to be hard a times. When your loved one does something wrong or hurts you, get hard and blurt it out, show your disapproval strongly, it will make... Read All
    14 August 2011Comment
    • afolabi mobolaji most def brother, man's enemies are the members of his household
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  • andy chuks How to Make Simple Decision: When it is right to Say No!!
    Often times in Life we are presented with situations, where saying yes or no is very hard to choose from. Imagine a situation you made a promise to your bosom friend in presence of trusted colleagues that you will do anything they ask of at that point. Imagine also you are a teetotaller and this friend demands you take a cup or bottle of beer. Having... Read All
    18 April 2011Comment
    • paul eze definitely some promises can be broken for the overall good of the individual. If keeping such promise will mean breaking personal principles and going against one's inner thought then I think refusing the request might be a lighter way out.
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    • ani ifeoma francisca Andy,i like ur write up,so friends lets try and think twice before we make promise that will ruin our life,life first before any other thing.Think well before u vomit out.
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  • jacob tope speaking in a seminar
    i have been invited by a school to speak on team building for effective performance. i need some points on this
    05 January 2011Comment  View All 4 Answers
    • philomena onyeayana A team is a group of people working together with different skills put together to achieve a common goal.
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    • paul eze though your seminar may be long gone still the meaning of team building can be deduced from the acronym TEAM meaning Together Everyone Achieves More. Team building is the processes brought together towards creating a group that attains a certain specified goal within the legal limits. Find more work on team building for business purposes here @
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  • andy chuks Telling People how Good and Special they are
    We human being like being appreciated, we like people telling good things about us. When you honestly point out to someone a good thing about them, they will appreciate you and will never forget it. If you want to make someone's life better, or make friends, tell people good things about them and do it honestly. A story had it as follows One day... Read All
    02 November 2010Comment
    • chinwe igbokwe its good to make nice comments about people every now and then but flaws should also be mentioned occasionally to remind people that they can become better than they are now no matter their achievements in life.
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  • andy chuks Why You Need a Time to Ponder
    Many don't have time to sit and reflect on their life and surroundings. If you aim to be successful you must create time for pondering about things around you and things that you come across daily. It is at this time that ideas flood into your mind and solutions to problems are found.
    12 October 2010Comment
  • andy chuks I know a place where you can carry on
    The title of this post was inspired by Bob Marley song "I Know a Place". A part in the lyrics says "... when the world is full of hate, and there is no where else for you to stand, so all of your best friends let you down, down, down, down ... I know a place where we can carry oh we can carry on" At times in life we are face... Read All
    11 October 2010Comment
  • andy chuks Why Fear is the root of all failures
    Fear is a mental abnormality and a burgaboo that lies in the mind of its victim. Fear grips its victims so hard and control every their actions in such a way that they hardly have the mind of their own. The effect of fear on human mind is like that of a virus on a computer system, when it enters it begins to plant a doubting spirit in all your ideas... Read All
    15 September 2010Comment
    • ogugua belonwu nice post 'burgaboo' lol sounds funny
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    • earnest erihbra i believe all you have said...thanks a lot
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