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  • onyeachonam ogechukwu sugar
    is their much difference between the quantity of sugar in a bottle of beer and bottle of malt
    10 December 2012Comment
  • ogugua belonwu Advantages Of Alcohol
    Benefits of alcohol is really a controversial issue. I have heard a lot of arguments on the issue. Please, does alcohol intake have any advantage? Comments needed
    12 October 2010Comment
    • dabo abigail omowumi deborah yes
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  • ogugua belonwu Birth Control Pills
    Does pregnancy control drugs affect a woman's ability to take in later? Are there pills that are safer than others? If it does what are the best and effective methods of birth control.
    06 October 2010Comment
    • JP Williams Though am not a Doc, methinks Birth control pills have side effects on a woman's ability to conceive, though this is minimal. I know pills are not good for some persons. Usage of Contraceptives like condom or diaphragm is ok or IUCD (intrauterine contraceptive device - a small device made of plastic or copper that is placed into the uterus as an effective... Read All
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