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  • aseye senam Transport, Communications n Tourism in Nigeria
    1. What effective tools are available to promote trade in transport communication and tourism? 2. How do we use ICT particularly innovation to boost entrepreneurship to promote trade? Suggest ways and means to promote trade through ICT.
    08 May 2012Comment
  • dan henry Ghana Cuts Fuel Subsidies, Fuel Now 184 Naira Per Litre
    Ghana has cut fuel subsidies and the price of petrol has now become GNp 175.48 per litre which is equivalent to 184 Naira per litre. According to the head of Ghanaâs National Petroleum Authority (NPA) the fuel subsidies were cut following an increase in crude oil prices and the depreciation of the Ghanian currency. According to Reuters, Ghana,... Read All
    06 January 2012Comment
    • andy chuks This is very Interesting
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  • michael esther Post UME 2011/2012
    Please i'm about to write Unilorin Post UME...but don't know what to read.....i need a hint on what to read or what to know...please i need swift response. Thanks
    30 July 2011Comment  View All 5 Answers
    • michael esther Whaoh! My Unilorin Post UME was successful...Thank God
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    • andy chuks Wao! That's great Esther! Have you written the exam? How was it?
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  • saka sule who is the first nigeria president
    current affairs
    18 February 2011Comment  View All 4 Answers
    • andy chuks I'm correct Esther check your current affairs
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    • nkem okoh head of state and president are two different things.....the first head of state is Nnamdi azikiwe....while the first president was murtala mohammed
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