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  • muhammad aaishah travelling
    how do i get to FUTA from Ilorin
    06 June 2012Comment
  • quajowuzu aezeek question
    What is a Growth Pole Theory and what are it's relevant to the development practitioner
    26 October 2011Comment
  • christian john Geography
    what is the meaning of geo and graphy
    28 September 2011Comment
    • prince efeya geo mean earth while graphy mean discription, that means discription of the earth, and it physical features like river, ocean, mountain, hill, valley, forest e.t.c.
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  • mayowa israel What is Oasis?
    10 April 2011Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • mayowa israel u are rite man. keep this up
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    • christian john A fertile or green spot in a waste or desert, esp, in a sandy desert.
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  • quajowuzu aezeek question on geography
    what is the discipline geography? and what in the world is the geographer ?
    03 February 2011Comment
    • andy chuks Geography is the science that deals with the study of the Earth and its lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena. A literal translation would be "to describe or write about the Earth". Geography is an all-encompassing discipline that foremost seeks to understand the Earth and all of its human and natural complexities - not merely where... Read All
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    • mayowa israel i de feel you chucks
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  • ben ifeanyi what's the name of the newest planet?
    what's the name of the newest planet?
    16 January 2011Comment
    • andy chuks The new Planet is Kepler-10b according to news which reads "A new planet which is around the same size as Earth has been discovered orbiting a star which lies outside of our solar system. The rocky planet is known as Kepler-10b, and was found by NASAâs Kepler space telescope. It has been hailed a "significant step" towards finding... Read All
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  • quajowuzu aezeek causes of recent flood in Brazil
    what are the causes of recent flood situation in Brazil whiles Africa is experiencing drought ?
    15 January 2011Comment
    • andy chuks The cause according to many specialists is Global warming which has caused the seas, oceans and Amazon river here in particular to overflow its banks.
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  • quajowuzu aezeek question on climatic change
    what are the effects of climatic change on cocoa production in west africa
    06 January 2011Comment
    • andy chuks Effects of climate change on cocoa production: The high rates in climate changes in the economy have greater influence on the 3 phases of cocoa production ranging from seedling phase, establishment phase and processing phase. This is because weather and climate influence most of the processes involved in cocoa production for example: solar radiation... Read All
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  • andy chuks How to Read a Map
    First we show ask what Is a Map? A map is a representation of a geographic area, usually a portion of the earth's surface. It may be shown in many different ways, from a traditional map printed on paper to a digital map built pixel by pixel on the screen of a computer. Maps can show almost anything, from the electric supply grid of your community... Read All
    11 October 2010Comment
  • andy chuks History of Maps
    HISTORY OF MAPS The earliest existing maps were made by the Babylonians about 2300 bc. Cut on clay tiles, they consisted largely of land surveys made for the purposes of taxation. More extensive regional maps, drawn on silk and dating from the 2nd century bc, have been found in China. The ability and need to make maps would appear to be universal.... Read All
    05 October 2010Comment
  • andy chuks Mapmaking - Cartography
    MAPMAKING Mapmaking, or cartography, has been greatly assisted by technological advancements since World War II. Perhaps most important has been the use of remote sensing techniques, that is, techniques that gather data about an object without actually touching it. Examples include aerial photography (including infrared photography) and satellite... Read All
    05 October 2010Comment
  • andy chuks Map Projections
    MAP PROJECTIONS For the representation of the entire surface of the earth without any kind of distortion, a map must have a spherical surface; a map of this kind is known as a globe. A flat map cannot accurately represent the rounded surface of the earth except for very small areas where the curvature is negligible. To show large portions of the earth's... Read All
    05 October 2010Comment
  • andy chuks Basic Elements of a Map
    BASIC ELEMENTS OF A MAP For a map to contain a large amount of easily read information, a system of symbols must be employed. Many commonly used symbols have become generally accepted or are readily understood. Thus cities and towns are indicated by dots or patches of shading; streams and bodies of water are often printed in blue; and political boundaries... Read All
    05 October 2010Comment
  • andy chuks Map - Introduction and Types of Maps
    INTRODUCTION Map, representation of a geographic area, usually a portion of the earth's surface, drawn or printed on a flat surface. In most instances a map is a diagrammatic rather than a pictorial representation of the terrain; it usually contains a number of generally accepted symbols, which indicate the various natural, artificial, or cultural,... Read All
    05 October 2010Comment
  • sadiq sabo cowboy practical geography
    what are the different types of small scale maps
    28 September 2010Comment
  • samuel okeiyi Environmental hazards
    explain all causes and types including solutions
    11 September 2010Comment
    • andy chuks Environmental hazards are events or activities that poses treat to the surrounding environment. Types of Environmental hazards - Chemical - Physical - Mechanical - Biological - Psychosocial
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  • samuel okeiyi Vulcanicity
    Differentiate vulcanicity and it stages vocanoes including the processes involved
    11 September 2010Comment
    • andy chuks Vulcanicity is volcanic activity or igneous activity, it is the movement of magma into earth's crust or unto the earth's surface. Process Magma under the crust is under very great pressure. When folding and faulting occur, cracks or fractures which are lines of weakness. When these lines of weakness develop downward in the crust and reach the magma,... Read All
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