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  • emmanuel amihiel what is constitutionalism
    introduction to constitution
    09 October 2013Comment
    • williams sodic Constitutionalism is a concept in political theory that explains that a government does not derive its power from itself, but gains its power as the result of there being a set of written laws that give the governing body certain powers.
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  • chukwu wisdom obinna will there be any government without politics?
    what are the quality of a good politician?
    10 September 2013Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • williams sodic The ability to recognise the rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the mass. Ruling the mass with no partiality
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    • andy chuks I think without Government, No politics. Where ever there is any form of government or leadership, politics comes into place, because man is political by nature.
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  • chukwu wisdom obinna my question is,I dont know how to choose a curse & which to choose.
    Type Question. I need to list of all international curses.
    10 September 2013Comment
    • williams sodic Art or Science Courses?
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    • williams sodic You need to know which area you are going..if you are an ART student or a SCIENCE student, then this will help you know the courses you will go for.
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  • idopise hezekiah politics
    whats political science about?
    23 April 2013Comment
  • abubakar yusuf What is the function of government
    what is law
    21 October 2012Comment
    • samson emebu 1.Defending the country.2.provision of social amenities like hospital,market,good road e.t.c and finally. 3.provision of employement opporturnity
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  • myles moncar Politics
    According to Aristotle, ''Man is Naturally a Political Animal'' Discuss.
    11 June 2012Comment
  • myles moncar Politics
    If Politics is essentially social, why is all social activity not political?
    11 June 2012Comment
  • myles moncar Globalization
    Does Globalization mean the state has become meaningless?
    19 April 2012Comment
  • myles moncar Political Ideologies
    Marx thinks Political Ideologies mystifies and confuses subordinate classes by concealing from them the contradictions upon which class societies are based. Discuss.
    18 April 2012Comment
  • chinedu paul Is there hope for me
    I got 221 in my jamb, i would love to study public administration under uniben. Please is the mark enough?
    01 April 2012Comment
    • williams sodic Probably you got chance to attend their screening. Normally cut off point is 200
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  • chukwuedo faith politics in christianity
    is political science a good course for a christian
    07 May 2011Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • joseph charles dat i agree with thank u very much
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    • samson emebu it depend on you.it depend on how you want to handle it.not all politicians do bad.we have the good once.so if you want to study political science it is good.but if you know that you are a christian then play it in god way
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  • john kelly organisation of government.
    what is the meaning of organization of government and discuss in details.
    10 March 2011Comment
    • JP Williams Organization of government - Government Organization are various arms, groups, branches and parastatals that are created and run by government to enable is achieve its aim of governance. Organization of government differs from country to country and based of system of government run by the country. Broadly, organs of government are: Executive, Legislature... Read All
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  • andy chuks Nuhu Ribadu Emerges ACN Candidate for 2011 Presidential Polls
    Malam Nuhu Ribadu, former chief of Nigeria's anti-graft agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), has emerged the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) presidential candidate. All the delegates answered yes in a voice vote to determine their support for Ribadu during the the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) anational convention in Lagos... Read All
    15 January 2011Comment
  • JP Williams INEC Voters Registration Starts Today 15th January 2011
    Voters Registration Exercise begins today ahead of Presidential and Governorship polls in Nigeria later this year. The registration being conducted by Nigeria's Electoral body, Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC begins today 15th January 2011 and will last for two weeks ending 29th January, 2011. Federal Government has earlier this year... Read All
    15 January 2011Comment
  • andy chuks PDP Presidential Primaries Thursday January 13th 2011 Live Update
    Today is PDP National Convention for Presidential Primaries, taking place at Eagles Square Abuja. The battle is between Seating Presidential Goodluck Jonathan, Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, and Mrs Sarah Jubril. The battle before today was issue of zoning champion by the likes Atiku Abubakar, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Ciroma and many other northern... Read All
    13 January 2011Comment  View All 78 Answers
    • andy chuks @ 6:09am Atiku quickly left the venue of the after shaking President Jonathan.
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    • andy chuks @6:31am The Convention/Presidential primaries comes to an end with the National Anthem and President Goodluck Jonathan and his Vice Namadi Sambo takes leave of the venue.
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  • williams sodic Akitu vs IBB Who is a better politician?
    In terms of mature politics, democratic principles, tactics etc who do you think between Former Vice president of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar and Former Head of State of Nigeria Gen. Ibrahim Babangida is a better politican?
    06 January 2011Comment
    • andy chuks To me IBB is a more mature politician
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  • samson emebu what political science is all about
    political science is a social science concerned with the theory and pratice of politics and the analysis of political systems and political behavior
    05 January 2011Comment
    • joseph charles ids political science a science related course?
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    • JP Williams political science is a social science
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  • andy chuks Is Atiku the right Consensus Candidate for the North?
    Atiku Abubakar ex vice president of Nigeria was recently chosen by some northern stakeholders as the consensus candidate to represent the North in 2011 presidential polls. He was chosen ahead of ex military president Ibrahim Babangida (IBB), Gen Gusau and Gov. and Do you think its the right choice?
    05 December 2010Comment
    • williams sodic I think Atiku cannot really stand Goodluck because he has nothing to offer.
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    • Chizzy Rose Was watching AIT recently, they showed various fraud/financial dealings Atiku did through his American wife Douglas. I think this creates a big doubt on his credibility.
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