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  • diwaa dan TRUSTS.
    this question i encountered in law of trusts and i need ur thoughts, a trustee was given about 2billion naira to keep safe for a certain beneficiary in trust, now the trustee of the property took in this trust property and invested in a company that wasnt recognised, this 2billion yielded 20billion, which he informed the beneficiary about, the beneficiary... Read All
    06 July 2013Comment
  • yuji kondo Hi, there
    I am searching for matereials to learn more about legal writing(Advaqnced level), just as form and letter sample, ando some. Tell me your aggresive tips
    01 October 2012Comment
    • williams sodic Go to and search for the materials
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  • sani umar constitus provocation
    in particular can insults amount to provocatin under the penal code?
    16 June 2012Comment
    • andy chuks I'm not a law student, but I think aggravated insult is an offence.
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  • ezealaji endy post ume
    please, is there a law student in this study class chat room from RSUST?
    07 June 2012Comment
  • nneamaka achebe PLANNING LAW
    please if anyone has the planning law of any state please contact me... i rili need it
    03 May 2012Comment
  • ezealaji endy post ume
    please friends, i need help with regards to post U M E questions because i don't know what to expect. my school of choice is : RSUST
    17 April 2012Comment
    • williams sodic for now i don't think there is any,but we must get in touch with you if eventually we see any recommended
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    • ezealaji endy thanks willi
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  • saddeeyqarh muhammad an intndn stdnt ov law
    i intend to study law,so brthz nd sistaz cn yhu enlighten me on the challenges i wl face as a 1st yr stnt
    19 March 2012Comment
    • oroma d.h you dont study law bcs you like to, or bcs of wat u see or friends and parents said. a course is the desire of a child dream. first, has law always been what you want, are you ready to do it. do you think this, is your area of profession and if this happen to be, then u gat to move on. law, is the body rule of a principal prescribe in a state, society... Read All
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  • okediji ajiga Does Police have right to Torture Suspect before going to Court?
    Please What right does the police have to torture a suspect before taking him/her to court.
    19 May 2011Comment  View All 4 Answers
    • prince jedidiah vicky I think it is so inhumane for the police to torture an individual in the name of extracting evidence, what do you think is responsible for locking up innocent people in jail?,over 50% of these people were forced to admit a crime they knew nothing about because they were under duress, and when this is done, they end up prosecuting the wrong folks in... Read All
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    • usiomoifo omosede in my own perspective when someone is being arrested by the police he/she is believed to be a suspect and not a criminal, in the court of law he/she automatically becomes the accused/defendant, it is only when the person is brought before the judge which is called (arraign) brought also before the jury who deals with questions of facts to return a verdict;... Read All
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  • helen alinwaowa exams
    subject for literature in jamb for2011? need CRK,government and English text books online don knoe websites?
    03 April 2011Comment
    • andy chuks For the recommended text books check this link but I doubt if you would get them online to download free you have to buy.
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  • ronny wolf What is the meaning of Neccessary?
    whats the meaning of neccessary???????..... and pls explain in details
    07 January 2011Comment
    • andy chuks Necessary is Something that is a required condition for something else to be the case. It is being essential, indispensable, or requisite: e.g. Flywheel is a necessary component of the motor vehicle.
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  • oyebanji yusuf civil law and common law
    Someone should compare and contrast civil law and common law stating the similarities,(if any) and distinguishing features
    14 December 2010Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • oyebanji yusuf what is d meaning of LLB
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    • Abdulwasiu Esuola Bachelors of Laws
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  • Alice Iriogbe LLM PROGRAMME
    This is an invitation to the LLM Students to come on board.. Quite URGENT..
    04 December 2010Comment
    • uche chiemezie How do I study for my LLM using this medium
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  • azamaimi tana ahekohimbia INTRODUCTION TO LAW AS A COURSE
    I'm hoping to read Law as a course so i wish to know some topics that i will face as a first year student of any university in Nigeria.
    29 October 2010Comment  View All 8 Answers
    • usiomoifo omosede does dat mean dat in year one it is just the preliminary?
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    • usiomoifo omosede cos am an aspirant too?
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  • jideobi johnmary What is the doctrine of Laches and Acquiescence?
    The full import of the doctrine
    28 October 2010Comment
    • Ebimobowei Jikenghan Laches simply means delay. However, the kind of delay which the court would hold as barring a plaintiff from seeking a claim is that coupled with circumstances which makes it inequitable to assert such a claim. The defendants must have acted to his detriment such that the balance of convenience shifts. Acquiescence on the other hand is in the nature... Read All
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  • williams sodic What is the difference between a Lawyer and a Barrister?
    Often times I hear people say he's a lawyer, he's a barrister. I have always thought lawyers are same as barristers. Please can anybody clear me on the difference if there is any.
    20 October 2010Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • williams sodic thanks azamaimi
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    • oyebanji yusuf I am also an infant in d study of law i want someone 2 tell me som names of texbuk & introductory part of it
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  • oyebanji yusuf WHAT RE NATURAL JUSTICE
    22 September 2010Comment
    • ogugua belonwu The principles of natural justice set out procedures to be used to ensure that judicial proceedings are fair for the participants. These principles are used in jurisdictions where the justice system is based on common law and civil law. In a proceeding conducted under the principles of procedural fairness, a party is fully informed of the charges or... Read All
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    • oyebanji yusuf i tink wat nex after sup cort is tribuna
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