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  • abraham ademuyiwa carrer talk
    Typls i nid somehelp..i want to study masscomm in uniben..dres word around dat d skul is a bad place.....people around me are sayin d skool s no iz filled with cultism and other violent attitudes in d skul...pls ar all dis tins true..iv never realli herd from a student dat itz dat bad
    13 OctoberComment
  • oladipupo owolabi mass communication
    why is mass communication be regarded as a societal force
    14 August 2014Comment
    • abraham ademuyiwa pls i nid somehelp..i want to study mass comm in uniben..people around me are sayin d skools no iz filled with cultism and other violent attitudes in d skul...pls ar all dis tins true
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  • olasunboye blessing mass comm
    i want to known more about mass comm
    18 February 2014Comment
    • iware naheem does anyone think french is compusory
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  • naki sela theory in mass comm
    theory in mass comm is indispensable. discuss
    26 November 2013Comment
    • cyborg lawal HMMMMM
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  • campbell ebenezer anim history and evolution of journalism
    what is journalism
    22 March 2013Comment
    • williams sodic The activity or profession of writing for newspapers or magazines or of broadcasting news on radio or television.
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  • campbell ebenezer anim journalism
    what is the role of the journalist with particular reference in the developing countriesType Question/Tutorial Body
    22 March 2013Comment
    • williams sodic The role it has played in the developing countries entails a significant obligation and responsibility, the discharge of which requires journalist to have high ethical standards and to practice sound professional journalism with intelligence, accuracy, objectivity and fairness all aimed at developing people and subsequently nations. The media as as... Read All
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  • sharon igali Television
    what skills do I need for television.
    12 February 2013Comment
  • myles moncar Mass Communication Theory
    Theory is Indispensable in the Study of Mass Communication. Raise at least Five Points and Discuss. Please I need help as soon as possible. Thank you.
    05 November 2012Comment
  • salami azeez communication
    understanding mass communication
    04 November 2012Comment
  • rukayat oluwaseun Lead Writing
    Various techniques use in writing News Stories
    16 October 2012Comment
  • remilekun janet Hw do i become a mass communitor
    Mass communication
    13 August 2012Comment
    • andy chuks First you have to learn public speaking. You can go to any short diploma course for it. Radio Nigeria Organize something like that yearly
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    • kingtappa kings Try building it up with the institutions or Religious party you are into.
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  • jude john INFOTECH
    is it under school of EDUCATION or SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY
    11 August 2012Comment
  • dearriee daneil What is mass comm
    please i want to know what mass comm is all about, am a year 1 student
    25 June 2012Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • sodiq kafayat thinks
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    • cyborg lawal hello please am new at skoola, and i need your help i want to study mass com, what subject did i need to chose
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  • qudus lasisi post utme
    is the post utme form oou and Poly Ibadan nd Oshun poly out plz let me know is there out plz reply back to d yahoo box
    30 May 2012Comment
    • williams sodic we updated some post UTME dates for universities..check out in the skoola news
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  • shahbaz ali Interpersonal Communication
    interpersonal communication examples plz
    30 April 2012Comment
    • andy chuks Interpersonal communication is the process that we use to communicate our ideas, thoughts, and feelings to another person. Interpersonal communication includes message sending and message reception between two or more individuals. This can include all aspects of communication such as listening, persuading, asserting, nonverbal communication, and more.
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    • williams sodic conversation, telephony, body language, deaf sign language
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  • qudus lasisi Cut of mark
    what is the cut off mark for Olabisi Onabanjo University for mass communication
    30 March 2012Comment
  • qudus lasisi did i need to have lit in my o level
    did i need to have lit in my o level result for mass communication? in need of ans
    22 March 2012Comment
    • qudus lasisi pls in need of ans to this question pls
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