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  • goodness richard Last Days In Forcados High School
    please, i need some persons to summarize the story in this book titled "the last days in forcados high school" for me
    09 MarchComment
  • lamin manneh summary
    how can i find summary easy?
    10 DecemberComment
  • ahmad ibraheem about middle english massive change occurence!
    ? My name is Ahmad, a student of Federal University Dutsin-ma,Katsina State,Nigeria. Firstly is to congratulate you about well done job of yours! I hope you will appreciate my effort, it is your pronouncing tips video presentation,which many of us find it useful as a learners of english for beginers. However, i say kudos to your effort. And i wish from... Read All
    14 February 2014Comment
  • paula leteane english
    an exercise on modals
    24 April 2013Comment
  • enoch salifu summary
    techniques in answering summary
    29 March 2013Comment
    25 March 2013Comment
    • paula leteane before writing a summary understand the story, so that you are able to pick up important facts. try to use your own words to show that understand the story.
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  • ani ifeoma francisca What is a Sentence?
    A sentence is a group of words with meaning. It can be a word or more than one word.For example (a) A Word: come, go, eat,run,sleep etc (b)More than one word e.g Who is this?,What is your name?, Iam coming, We can do it togeter.
    05 March 2013Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • paula leteane subject,verb and object
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    • faithful udeh A sentence refers 2 a group of word dat xpresses a complete thought & must av a verb..
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  • wale adebayo CBT
    How do one cope with CBT test
    16 January 2013Comment
  • adaigofua doris What is clause
    English Body
    12 January 2013Comment
    • nessa j A clause is a part of a sentence, a string of words which expresses a proposition and typically consists of at least a subject and a verb, and is joined to the rest of the sentence by a conjunction. It is not a complete sentence on its own. e.g Nessa sings
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    • chigozie prosper you only give the defination but not the explanation so that others will understand it better.common girl go ahead and explain it.
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  • adex hormolara English Boby
    please, sum1 to advice me on how to be perfect in English Language
    06 December 2012Comment  View All 6 Answers
    • nessa j adex dear, u r welcome.....u can add me on Facebook at Rosalyn oklenyi....
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    • chigozie prosper make sure you speak it atleast 85percent than any other language.
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  • adedeji sanmi Provisional admission
    What is provisional admission?
    04 September 2012Comment
    • kingtappa kings It probably means that you weren't up to par with their admission policy, but they gave you a chance and you have to complete a certain amount of credits and receive a gpa to gain full admission. You are just on a probationary period. Provisional admission in High school seniors means depending on your final grades, they will admit you.
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  • tunde aromire Comprehrension and summary
    Hello! Can someone please assist me with how to answer comprehension and summary questions?
    12 August 2012Comment
    • kingtappa kings 1)Scan through the comprehension (read quickly) 2)Read through the questions 3)Read the comprehension very thoroughly this time 4)Take note of the topic sentences 5) Answer your questions directly (no imaginations)
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  • okunlexzy steven INTONATION IN ENGLISH
    With Good illustration explain what you understand by intonation in english
    07 August 2012Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • adedeji sanmi Intonation in english can be defined as d way by which ur voice rises and fall E g:His voice has a very slight Nigerian intonation.
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    • adedeji sanmi Intonation in english can be defined as d way by which ur voice rises and falls as u speak. E g:His voice has a very slight Nigerian intonation.
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