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    12 March 2014Comment
    • grade akpors my bro Jerry, even a SSCE holder can design a website, create a beautiful graphics... It all depends on you...there are many books, ariticle, tutorial about them.... It all depends on you...your effort matters alot... Dat doesn't mean u dont need a degree...though that will be an added advantage when it comes to seeking for job Thanks bro
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  • nwoko emenike industrail training
    what is an auxillary storage
    30 April 2013Comment
    • segun samuel auxiliary storage is also known as secondary storage device which stores data and information permanently for the user. examples are flash drive, magnetic disk, hard disk and so on. all external storage devices are regarded as auxiliary storage which support the internal storage of the system unit.
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  • jibrin gudusu m. ENGINEARING
    haw can i format my system
    25 April 2013Comment
  • falase ayodeji programming language
    Please i want to learn programming. Any information or ebook will be okay. Thanks
    19 April 2013Comment
    • mustapha musa Programming languge is artificial language design to communicate instruction to a maching particularly a computer.
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  • agyei opoku gideon comprehension
    how to answer comprehension questions
    13 January 2013Comment
  • hardeyshyna olanrewaju password
    can futa be chosen as second choice for most preferred ???
    13 December 2012Comment
  • solomon david tukura Problem with my mother board
    Pls mi laptop just went off while i was using it , pls what is the possiblity that the folth is not from the mother board
    22 November 2012Comment  View All 9 Answers
    • oyekanmi ayokunnumi I think what you should do is try system restore then lets see whats comes up
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    • solomon david tukura I did a complete system restore, it came up for some seconds and went off again, an engineer told mi the moder board is faulty n i gat to gt new one
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  • samuel ofem operative system
    pls,what is computer operative system
    14 November 2012Comment
    • oyekanmi ayokunnumi I think your Question is computer operating system!
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  • soyinka odunayo my pc problem
    my system is not coming up i try to change the harddisk is not still comaing up what do i do
    31 May 2012Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • andy chuks Do you get any error message or it doesn't display at all?
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    • andy chuks if it doesn't display check your power cable/pack or check the VGA cable. If it can't boot try formatting the hard disk and reinstall the operating system. Provide more specific details for better answer.
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  • Emmanuel George UPDATING
    26 May 2012Comment
    • gordan freedman There are a number of things that would make you system "out of date" is it you components like memory, processor, or software like your operating system (i.e windows, mac OS, Linux,--java for web browsing) assuming you are using a windows system, post your system credentials by typing by right-clicking on your my computer folder and going... Read All
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  • nneamaka achebe Operating system
    please how do i change my operating system from windows 7 starter to Ultimate or professional
    16 May 2012Comment
    • akinola john Hey let me help
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    • jacob tettey UPGRADE
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  • oladele olalekan step for formating
    what are the major things to follow in formatting
    23 March 2012Comment
  • bibson musa How to print a web page from phone
    How can i print/send a web page, which i browse using mobile phone, do i nid a usb cord, bluetooth conectn, or an application/software in order 2print a result or information from phone 2 computer system then printing. Thanks
    30 January 2012Comment  View All 6 Answers
    • chikezie osuagwu how do i format a usb memory card
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    • williams sodic plug it in the system right click on my computer and open the memory card,you will see many options and then click format
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  • bibson musa Common Problems
    Wat are d common, problem, cause, an solution wit d computer system either desktop or laptop? Any stite for this tutorials? I wil b glad if treated well
    30 January 2012Comment
    • williams sodic Common Tech Problems I can't find my MS Office program Did you look on the desktop? The Start button? Under 'All Programs'?Right click on the desktop; select 'new'. Pick the MSOffice app you needPush the Start Button and Search for any file endingin .doc or docx (depending upon which version ofWord you own). Your search should read: *.doc or*.docx.... Read All
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  • apollos ayuba what is basic
    what is the relationship of basic with programing?
    21 January 2012Comment
    • andy chuks BASIC is Beginners All Purpose Instruction Code. It is a programming language developed by Microsoft. It now has various versions, Visual Basic, etc it can be developed on .NET framework
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  • andy chuks What is File Allocation Table (FAT)?
    File Allocation Table (FAT) is a computer file system architecture now widely used on many computer systems and most memory cards, such as those used with digital cameras. FAT file systems are commonly found on floppy disks, flash memory cards, digital cameras, and many other portable devices because of their relative simplicity. FAT was also commonly... Read All
    08 November 2011Comment
  • andy chuks What is NTFS?
    NTFS (New Technology File System) is the standard file system of Windows NT, including its later versions Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. NTFS supersedes the FAT file system as the preferred file system for Microsoftâs Windows operating systems. NTFS has several improvements over... Read All
    08 November 2011Comment