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  • elvis chirchir Auto drop down menu on mouseover
    there is this property of a link automatically giving a drop down menu on mouseover,can someone help me with the simplest code to out put this property?
    23 February 2014Comment
  • andy chuks Designing a Site with Fireworks or Photoshop
    I'm thinking of designing a prototype for a website, which tool is good for this? Photoshop or Fireworks. I'm looking at ease of learning and usage, A friend said I can do it with any of the above softwares. Please I need your opinion.
    31 October 2013Comment
    • williams sodic I think fireworks is my experience and the better amongst the two
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  • ciroma muawuya NB-
    23 October 2013Comment
  • ciroma muawuya HELP! HELP!! HELP!!!
    pls am just a novice in html and i'm undergoing a project called ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUM who can please help me???
    23 October 2013Comment
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    • andy chuks You have two options: Design a code from scratch yourself or use a CMS as above screenshot indicates. To get the source code for SMF Forum go to
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  • andy chuks Using Placeholder in Form for initial value instead of javascript
    With the coming of HTML 5 you can use placeholder to show a pre value for a text field in a form. This initial value usually helps user know what is required to be filled the the text field. Placeholder attribute makes your html code smaller and lighter instead of using javascript to achieve same purpose. For example if you have a form that require... Read All
    07 March 2013Comment
  • ade dapo web design
    My company is looking for a web designer for an online magazine and a clothing line. If you fit this requirement or know anybody that is fit please email me
    31 December 2012Comment
  • ade dapo web design
    My company is looking for a web designer for an online magazine and a clothing line. If you fit this requirement or know anybody that is fit please email me
    31 December 2012Comment
  • anjorin olushola Web hosting
    Pls, what is web hosting. And how much does it cost to host a web
    11 November 2012Comment
    • simon paul Web hosting is nothing but a service in which a space will be provided to you to store your website files which will be available in the world wide web to access there are different types of hosting services and plan according to the space owned by you. Get more info :
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  • adenagbe emmanuel Html code
    I nid html code
    02 October 2012Comment
    • andy chuks HTML Code for what?
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    • williams sodic You can't just need a specific brof
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  • joshua john web design
    pls i like web designing as a work and hobby, how and where can i start
    26 September 2012Comment
  • story ikhine hi
    how can i design a web
    24 July 2012Comment
  • Edward InfinityPaul help with these
    am a newbie in web designing, although trying my best pls i have attach a picture along side with these question in that picture is a caption of a webpage i have created 3 divs floated side by side the first div u are seeing is the one that contain those item list the second div is hey while the third the last hey, i want a situation whereby when the... Read All
    22 December 2011Comment  View All 11 Answers
    • Edward InfinityPaul what about on the iframe page, how do i make the first iframe default
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    • andy chuks to make a page default on iframe add src to it eg <iframe src="page.html"></iframe>
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  • vishnu shankar Php
    how to install php in window 7
    10 November 2011Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • JP Williams First, Download a MSI php installer at Install it Then Go to your control panel, programs, turn on Windows Features Turn on IIS and restart your system Open your control panel, go to Administrative tools, click Internet Information Services (IIS) manager Under IIS, click Handler mappings, click add script map, under request path add... Read All
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    • paul eze @JP very concise and straight forward answer.
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  • paul eze Needed!! Acrash Course on Web Design and PHP
    I know I have to have at least a scratch knowledge of PHP and web design so I can do little twists to my site on my own. But the problem is I can't seem to devote the time and attention needed for this. Can someone advise me on a way to get basic knowledge of both (enough for my little needs) in under a week?
    04 November 2011Comment  View All 5 Answers
    • simon paul If you don't have enough in designing you can try using Content management system and create a website it simple easy and affordable. for services
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    • williams sodic Am interested
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  • omole favour web designing
    disucuss web designing
    15 June 2011Comment  View All 5 Answers
    • ogugua belonwu @femi, there are two ways to learn - you may register with a training company and learn the basics. or you may get good ebooks and use the internet as well. @paul, hmmm... just make sure that which ever thing you wanna devote time for, that you learn daily as well.
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    • simon paul You can create a website in really less time you cms these system help in maintaining and creating website without knowledge of programming.
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  • andy chuks HTML Forms: How to Create Forms with HTML
    HTML forms are used to pass data to a server. A form can contain input elements like text fields, checkboxes, radio-buttons, submit buttons and more. A form can also contain select lists, textarea, fieldset, legend, and label elements. The <form> tag is used to create an HTML form: <form> . input elements . </form> The form tag... Read All
    22 April 2011Comment
    • andy chuks Ask Questions if you are confused. Assignment: Create a Webpage containing a dropdown menu form with a preselected option.
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    • dan henry I'd prefer working with the design view when i'm on Dreamweaver cos the language coding can really be pretty hard to understand.Creating a form is not necessarily a problem to me but but adding an action to it,i mean the submission aspect.How do i do this using Dreamweaver or even FrontPage?
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