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  • ogwu kelvin three column cash book
    In the contra entry of the three column cash book,redraw cash for personal use it a contra entry cos it wasn't stated in d textbook exercise if it is been redraw ed from bank?
    17 August 2014Comment
    • williams sodic Don't get your question!!
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  • sangram das trading account
    trading accunt
    11 August 2014Comment
    • williams sodic A trading account is an account with a broker that enables an individual or other party to buy and sell securities.
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  • mufutau ayobami bank Reconciliation
    as at last month my bank account is 50,000 but now the statement that they sent to me is 35,000 reconcile
    11 August 2014Comment
  • ganesh joshi three colume cash book
    You are to write up a three-column cash book for M Pang from the details which follow. Then balance off at the end of the month and show the discount accounts in the general ledger. May 1 Balances brought forward: Cash in hand $758; Bank overdraft $1,470 May 2 Pang pays further capital into the bank $1,000. May 4 Banked cash $200. May 8 The following... Read All
    31 May 2014Comment
    • ganesh joshi please this solution share me any one person (friends)
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  • nnabuife chibecking pls i nid help
    why do we have discount allowed column at the debit side of the cash book and the credit side of the cash book. when the cash book rules says all income should be debited and expenses credited.
    10 February 2014Comment
  • prakash vannoj Please Explain these...
    what is contra voucher????
    16 May 2013Comment
    • williams sodic A Contra voucher entry is a transaction involving transfer of cash between one Cash A/c to another or one Cash A/c to another Bank A/c i.e., is a transaction indicating transfer of funds from: Cash account to Cash account Cash account to Bank account Bank account to Cash account Bank account to Bank account
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  • sumaiyah siddique Plzz help me!
    Can any one Teach Me Accounting Equation I don't understand when we have to add or Subtract the amount on ASSETS Side or LIABILITIES & PROPRIETORSHIP I Really need help!
    21 April 2013Comment
    • simon osei From the large, multi-national corporation down to the corner beauty salon, every business transaction will have an effect on a companyâs financial position. The financial position of a company is measured by the following items: Assets (what it owns) Liabilities (what it owes to others) Ownerâs Equity (the difference between... Read All
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  • silas amaseimogha where can I get a soft ware for accounting
    How can I have a software for accounting
    03 April 2013Comment
    • andy chuks You should check any software vendor near you or use Google to search and download online. Some very good accounting software include: Peachtree Complete Accounting Software MYOB Business Essentials Accounting Software QuickBooks Pro Accounting Software NetSuite Small Business Accounting Software BookKeeper Accounting Software Simply Accounting Accounting... Read All
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  • ayub ali Financial managment
    In cash flow what did. If this line given The provision for doubtful debt. Charge to profit
    26 March 2013Comment
  • andy chuks A Broker vs Brokerage Firm
    BROKER A broker is an individual or party (brokerage firm) that arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller, and gets a commission when the deal is executed. A broker who also acts as a seller or as a buyer becomes a principal party to the deal. Distinguish agent: one who acts on behalf of a principal. In general a broker is an independent agent... Read All
    07 March 2013Comment
  • andy chuks Who is a Discount Broker?
    A discount broker is a firm that charges a relatively small commission by having its clients perform trades via automated, computerized trading systems rather than by having an actual broker assist with the trade. Most traditional brokerage firms offer discount options and compete heavily for client volume due to a shift towards this method of trading. Other... Read All
    07 March 2013Comment
  • harmain perveen three column cash book
    i have a question about thee column cash book that in this cash book i have a transaction of deposited cash in excess of 600rs in the bank account.How i will treat it in three column cash book?
    27 February 2013Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • harmain perveen Thnx simon but i hav one more question
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    • adesewa awotunde This is a contra entry. In order to remove excess, you have to first remove 600rs from the bank by crediting it(bank column) and debiting it into the cash column of the cash book.
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  • mp singh Shares
    How many types of shares.
    09 November 2012Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • ayub ali Two types 1 equaty shares 2 preference shares
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    • simon osei two types ordinary shares and preference/prefered shares
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  • mp singh Miscellaneous assets
    What is Miscellaneous assets?
    09 November 2012Comment
    • adesewa awotunde Miscellaneous assets are other assets apart from current and non current assets
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  • suleiman umaru usman account
    pls what is the difference between Accrual and prepayment?
    19 September 2012Comment  View All 4 Answers
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    • adesewa awotunde Accrual is like the money you are owing. E.g if u say accrued rent of #500, it means u've not yet paid the rent. Prepayment is the money you pay in advance. E.g electricity fee of #500 paid in advance. So that you will not have to pay the fee the next time it's due
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  • pavani j Third Party
    what is third party payment?
    13 September 2012Comment  View All 5 Answers
    • pavani j thanks alot King and andy chuks...good night.
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    • adeyemi c osho Third party is a term from Insurance Policy. Third party payment is made to the insured persons negligence should he plead guilty. E.g. Mr Jones has third party policy with Capital Express Insurance, and Mr Jones collided with another vehicle of Mr Rio. Mr Rio is a third party and his claiming that Jones should put his car in order, Jones will approach... Read All
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  • blessing ataudoh what is the history of accounting
    what is accounting
    12 September 2012Comment
    • kingtappa kings he history of accounting is as old as civilization, key to important phases of history, among the most important professions in economics and business, and fascinating. Accountants participated in the development of cities, trade, and the concepts of wealth and numbers. Accountants invented writing, participated in the development of money and banking,... Read All
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    • suleiman umaru usman well, accounting is the most old and wide proffesion in the world; which trace its history from the begining of human existance. looking at religious philosophy, God has promised the rigtheous once internal life, and none believers hell. the result are brought forward from the account of the individuals. gradually, from generations to generation. today... Read All
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