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  • sunday soneye Scarce
    Why do people believe basic Economics problems are; What to produce, who to produce and for whom to produce instead of Scarcity?
    17 MarchComment
  • farica anna utility
    what are the types of utility, explain
    31 DecemberComment
  • elizabeth efe office
    The uses of office and all about office and as a means of communication in Nigeria
    21 February 2013Comment
  • emmanuel umahi economic
    28 January 2013Comment
  • opeyemi ogunlesi help!!
    pls i need achievable project topics related to our society
    26 October 2012Comment
  • shittu yunus ==
    this is not a question about economics really but i just wanna know if this room, or tutorial is active
    27 September 2012Comment
  • bb uzor what is
    Upstream sector and down stream sector
    04 May 2012Comment
  • muzammil suhail relative income hypothesis
    explain relative income hypothesis in econometics
    30 March 2012Comment
    • williams sodic Relative income hypothesis states that the satisfaction (or utility) an individual derives from a given consumption level depends on its relative magnitude in the society (e.g. relative to the average consumption) rather than its absolute level. It is based on a postulate that has long been acknowledged by psychologists and sociologists, namely that... Read All
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  • yakubu abdul -gazal what is demand
    20 March 2012Comment
    • williams sodic Demand is the amount of product or service that an individual or group is willing and able to purchase at a given price at a given time.
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    • nkem okoh demand can be defined as the quantity of a commodity a consumer is willing at a particular price and at a given time
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  • okunlexzy steven Economics development
    Discuss the relevancy and applicability of economics development in nigeria
    09 March 2012Comment
  • prince okwu what are the function of Economics
    Explain the function, the branches and the meaning of Economics.
    01 March 2012Comment
    • jokes ujam Economics is d branch of sci wich studies human bhaviour as a relationship b/w ends and scarce which hav alternative uses.
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  • prince okwu what is economics
    de prince
    01 March 2012Comment  View All 4 Answers
    • shittu yunus economics according to me is the study of complication that arises as a result of scarcity and the need to satisfy human wants through production
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    • olayinka oluwaseun economics is a social science which studies human behaviour and relationship between ends and scarce means which have ulternative uses
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  • bb uzor give an elaborate definition of these term
    Firms and enUmarate in detailes their various characTeristics and consequence to economic development.
    23 February 2012Comment
    • nkem okoh a firm is a business unit that specialize in the production,selling of good and rendering of services to the member of the public
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