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  • christian nwanze answer
    Using v=u+at, 30=-30+10t, t=6s
    27 May 2012Comment
  • christian nwanze projectiles
    A ball is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 30m/s. Calculate the time taken for it to return to the ground
    27 May 2012Comment
    • andy chuks Using v=u+at, v = 30m/s u = -30m/s a = 10m/s 30=-30+10t t=6s
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    • nwabuisi chidubem Using eq 4 total time of flight, 2u/g. Where u=30ms^-1& g=10ms^-2 there4 total time of flight= 2*30/10 = 60/10= 6sec. There4 total time of flight is 6sec then the time taken to hit the ground 4rm max.height is 6/3=3sec.
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  • mustapha bello mb umar
    What are the quantities in physics that have no unit apart from relative density
    10 April 2012Comment
  • andy chuks Density: Definition, Method of Determining Density
    Density of a substance is the mass per unit volume of the substance. For example to find the density of a body, you find a ration of the mass of the body to the volume of that body. Density = M/V where M is mass, V is volume ------ Methods of Determining Density Direct methods: Here the mass and volume of the body is measured directly. Used for solid... Read All
    18 May 2011Comment  View All 4 Answers
    • andy chuks @soyode, if you are given to show your answer in kg/m^3 Eg on the above if you should show your answer in kg/m^3, firstly convert 400g to kg i.e 400/1000 = 0.4kg then convert 10cm, 8cm 2cm to metres i.e 10/100 = 0.1m, 8/100 = 0.08, 2/100 = 0.02m respectively The volume = lxwxh = 0.1 x 0.08 x 0.02 = 0.00016m^3 Therefore: Density = m/v = 0.4/0.00016... Read All
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    • soyode bolutife Thanks
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  • JP Williams Gravitational Force: How it Works
    Atimes you might wonder why we jump up and come down almost immediately, or why when we throw some object up they come down after some time. This is gravitational force at work. It helps keep the universe in equilibrium. Gravitation is a natural phenomenon by which physical bodies attract with a force proportional to their mass Gravitation is responsible... Read All
    22 April 2011Comment
  • martin ozioko cul
    hi people
    20 March 2011Comment
  • earnest erihbra the power of focus
    why is it that light rays converged on a polythene by a converging lens always get the stuff melted......nedd detailed xplanations
    24 October 2010Comment  View All 6 Answers
    • ogugua belonwu hydration?? i think hydration is adding water, pls explain
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    • nicholas bertrand anakwue Well, the converging lens, converges rays that hit it. So when placed at a position btw the principal focus and the pole of the lens, it magnifies the suns heat rays and concentrates it on the surface of the polythene. If u were with a diverging lens, the effect wont be the same, cuz the rays are diverted and not concentrated on the spot of the paper.
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  • andy chuks Moment of a Force
    The Moment of a force is the turning effect of the force. For example the opening of a metal cap of a bottle of soft drink, use of screwdriver, turning a corner while riding a bicycle are all turning effects of forces. The Moment of a body about a point is the product of the force and the perpendicular distance of the point from the line of action... Read All
    30 September 2010Comment
    • afuye yusuf thank you very much andy for this..... I will like to know the possible questions that may come from the MTN foundation sholarship test
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    • andy chuks Don't really know but I feel it should cover current affairs, general science and mathematics
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  • promzy prince momentum
    i need a summary of the topic momentum at it's easiest form, including its formulas.
    28 September 2010Comment
    • ogugua belonwu Any moving body is said to possess momentum. An object which is at rest has no momentum. There is a ball and stone on the ground. Since they are at rest they don't have momentum. To make it have momentum one must make it move. Naturally we kick them to gain momentum {motion}. Momentum is why the driver of a car applies the brake to stop the car rather... Read All
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    • andy chuks Momentum of a body is the product of its mass and its velocity. Mathematically Momentum = Mass x Velocity = MV Eg if a body of mass 10kg is moving at a velocity of 2m/s. The momentum is MV = 10 x 2 = 20kgm/s The change in Momentum of a body is called IMPULSE. Ft = MV - MU, where V is final velocity; U initial velocity; M mass of the body. The... Read All
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  • oyewole saaid Thermal expansivity
    Prove that two alfa = 1beta
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    • martin ozioko all about expanstivity
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    • okeyedun taiwo Ppl do not understand d real concept of expansivity,mesage or cal 08165662400 or wot kind of expansivity wl u av in a triangle
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  • andy chuks Color
    Color, physical phenomenon of light or visual perception associated with the various wavelengths in the visible portion of the electromagnetic spectrum (see Electromagnetic Radiation; Spectrum). As a sensation experienced by humans and some animals, perception of color is a complex neurophysiological process. The methods used for color specification... Read All
    07 September 2010Comment
  • richy bobo Angular Aceleration
    formulars for angular acceleration
    03 September 2010Comment
    • andy chuks Angular acceleration is a = vw a = rw^2 a = v^2/r since velocity v = rw
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    • richy bobo ok thanks and expect my soon
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  • promzy prince wave
    pls, i need a simpler method of how i can understand the topic wave
    30 August 2010Comment
    • Aakillar ben Firstly, I think you should start by understanding the basic principles and definition of wave. Then you should study with good textbooks and solve sample questions as you study it. Another good option is have a study group with your friends where you can ask questions and answer them. What is a wave? A wave is a disturbance that passes through a... Read All
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  • smart ubom RADIATION
    find by constructing the position of an image formed by converging lens by a focal length 20cm when an object 16cm height is placed 30cm from the lens.
    17 August 2010Comment
  • smart ubom Force of Gravity
    what is force of gravity
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    • ehiremen isaiah Force of gravity is the force that attract or draw all object that possess mass to the center of the earth. it is denoted as 'g' and as a value of 9.8 measured in m/s2.
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    • oyewole saaid force of gravity is the force that attract object or pull down object from any hight above back into the earth surface . it varies from place to place and is formula is GMm/r^2 and it value is 10
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  • Aakillar ben Moment/ Momentum
    what is moment of force and momentum?
    06 August 2010Comment
    • andy chuks Moment of a force is the tendency of a force to twist or rotate an object. Momentum is the product of mass and velocity. Mathematically, F = M V where F is momentum, M= Mass, V = velocity.
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    • musa kenny momentum is the product of force and velocity of an object.....m=fv=fma=fv-u/twhere f=force v final velocity u =initial velocity
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  • JP Williams Speed
    Suppose a car moves from one village A to another village B which are about 20km apart in 10 minutes. We may say the car travelled the 20km in time interval of 10 minutes. Thus Speed is the rate at which distance is travelled. It is the rate of change of Distance. S (v) = Distance Travelled/ Time taken In Symbols, v = s/t The S.I Unit of speed... Read All
    06 August 2010Comment
    • JP Williams Speed can be instantaneous ie speed measured any instant. Speedometer is used in measuring instantaneous speed.
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    • odafe laurel what about in intervals what instrument is used?
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