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  • goodness richard government
    please, in which area should i focus on this subject(government)
    09 MarchComment
  • jessica ada imperialist penetration
    Pls some1 shld throw light on the process of Imperialist penetration, nd distinguish btween british nd french colonial practice pls
    13 April 2014Comment
  • precious ujunwa political Apathy
    please explain
    14 February 2014Comment
    • ernest ummy political apathy in goverment, refers to the degree at which people shows no interest in the political activities on thier cointries. It causes could be: 1: racial discrimination 2:religion constraint 3:sexual discrimination 4:type of party system and so on...
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  • precious ujunwa pre-colonial Era in Nigeria
    please explain it
    14 February 2014Comment
    • andy chuks The history of the territories which since ca. 1900 have been known under the name of Nigeria during the pre-colonial period (16th to 18th centuries) was dominated by a number of powerful West African kingdoms or empires, such as the Yoruba Oyo Empire and the Islamic Songhai Empire in the north and west, and the Igbo kingdom of Onitsha in the southeast... Read All
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  • sir ludex basic forms of government
    what are the differences between presidential and parliamentary systems of government?
    09 May 2013Comment
    • toochukwu adimora de difference is that in presidential system, the head of government is also head of state, while in parliamentary the head of government is different from headof state
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    • usiomoifo omosede in the presidential system of government the power is centralised in one single head who is the head of states and government; he is not collectively responsible to any one cos he has much autonomy and does not abhor opposition which tends to make him strong and stable and also his office his limited while that of parliamentary, the head of state is... Read All
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  • raheem ismael frachise
    what is franchise
    03 April 2013Comment
    • toochukwu adimora right to vote and be voted for
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  • raheem ismael franchise
    what is franchise
    03 April 2013Comment
    • richard innocent Franchise can simply b define as d right and freedom to vote and be voted for.
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  • michael bassey government
    what is government
    26 March 2013Comment
    • sir ludex government could be defined as machinery established by the state in order to organize the state, manage its affairs and administer its functions and duties.
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  • ani ifeoma francisca Parliamentary System of Government
    What is Parliamentary System of Government?
    05 March 2013Comment  View All 3 Answers
    • sir ludex a parliamentary system of govt is d one that has two heads; having separate persons has the head of state (president, king or queen) and the head of govt (prime minister).
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    • jessica ada Parlimentary system of govt is 1 in whivh the head of state is distinct frm the head of govternment
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    24 January 2013Comment
    • usiomoifo omosede French colonial form of administration I will say brought about even development cos they were directly involved in the administration and development of its colonies in west Africa which tends to make French people out of the colonies with their administrative system of assimilation which made use of educated elites and not uneducated chiefs or stooges... Read All
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  • joy moses pls i need full details abt colonialism
    01 December 2012Comment
    • andy chuks Colonialism is the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of colonies in one territory by people from another territory. It is a process whereby the metropole claims sovereignty over the colony, and the social structure, government, and economics of the colony are changed by colonizers from the metropole. Colonialism is... Read All
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    • adedeji ishola What is a nation state
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  • onwukaeme ogechi coup de ta
    what is coup de ta and wat lead to it and in wat year was the first coup de ta seen
    12 September 2012Comment
    • kingtappa kings A coup d'etat is a political act; it is armed politics. A coup d'etat may be staged against a government or a state " and this is the commonly known phenomenon....military Take over....January 1990
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    • andy chuks A coup d'etat also known as a coup, putsch, and overthrow - is the sudden, illegal deposition of a government, usually by a small group of the existing state establishment - typically the military - to depose the extant government and replace it with another body, civil or military. A coup d'etat is considered successful when the usurpers establish... Read All
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