• andy chuks Vocabulary Development: Meaning and Methods
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    Vocabulary knowledge is a crucial factor across the whole spectrum language activities because it is the underlying factors for the other aspects of language. For example words are constituent elements of a sentence and the knowledge of word meaning enables the learner to form error-free sentence.

    Vocabulary is the total number of words in a language. It could also mean the total number of words known to a language user. Thus, we have two types of vocabulary namely: ACTIVE and PASSIVE vocabulary
    Active vocabulary: are those words the language user often uses in speech or writing.
    Passive vocabulary: are those words we recognize when reading and listening but they rarely occur in our speech or writing.


    - Learning Affixation - prefixes and suffixes
    - Compunding
    - Borrowing
    - Blending
    - Clipping
    - Acronym
    - Hormonym
    - Homophones
    - Polysemy
    - Synonyms
    - Antonyms
    - Using a dictionary
    - Hyponyms

    I will explain the details below next time.
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