• promzy prince wave
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    pls, i need a simpler method of how i can understand the topic wave
    30 August 2010Comment
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    • Aakillar ben Firstly, I think you should start by understanding the basic principles and definition of wave. Then you should study with good textbooks and solve sample questions as you study it. Another good option is have a study group with your friends where you can ask questions and answer them.

      What is a wave?
      A wave is a disturbance that passes through a medium, transferring energy from one point to another causing no permanent displacement of the particles of the medium. Eg when you get a string and stretch it, pluck the string you will experience a vibration on the string as the mechanical energy (plucking) is transferred across the string. Waves carry energy but not mass because even as a wave travels outward from the center (carrying energy of motion), the medium itself does not flow with it.

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