• hajji whyte What do Chemical Engineers do?
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    Chemical Engineers play a crucial role in everyday life. To find out more about the real life chemical engineers working in today's industries.

    Chemical Engineers are involved in the design, modification and operation of processes to produce desirable products. They are employed across a huge variety of sectors including:

    Chemical and allied products
    Food & Drink
    Oil & Gas
    Process Plants & Equipment
    Business and Management

    Chemical Engineers must make decisions concerning:

    Which reaction pathway should be used to make the product?
    How to purify the desired product?
    How to control the process and ensure it is safe?
    How to make the process cost effective?
    What should be done with any by-products formed?
    How to reduce the amounts of unwanted by-products formed?
    What to do with unreacted raw materials?
    How to recycle energy within the process?
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    • oluwabamise afolabi chemical engineers work in diverse sector of the economy but what matters is your own area of speciality.
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