• bibson musa Common Problems
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    Wat are d common, problem, cause, an solution wit d computer system either desktop or laptop?
    Any stite for this tutorials?
    I wil b glad if treated well
    30 January 2012Comment
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    • williams sodic Common Tech Problems

      I can't find my MS Office program
      Did you look on the desktop? The Start button? Under 'All Programs'?Right click on the desktop; select 'new'. Pick the MSOffice app you needPush the Start Button and Search for any file endingin .doc or docx (depending upon which version ofWord you own). Your search should read: *.doc or*.docx. When it finds a data file (a document createdin MS Word), open it. That will open Word

      Start button is gone
      Push the Flying Windows key

      Taskbar is gone
      Hover over the bottom of the screen. Did itreappear?Is it on the side of the screen?

      Computer/monitor/k eyboard/mouse doesn't work
      Is the power cord plugged in?Is the keyboard/mouse/monitor plugged into theCPU?Is the computer/monitor power button on?

      Sound doesn't work
      Are the speakers plugged in—correctly—to the CPU?If you have headphones, are they plugged in—correctly—to the CPU (match the colors)Is the volume up?Is there any sound playing?

      Monitor went black
      Is it still plugged in? Is it seated correctly (wiggleand push—make sure it's really plugged in)

      Push the Flying Windows (85% of taskbar tasks are to open a new program)

      Taskbar was moved
      Drag and drop it back to where you like it

      Desktop icons are all messed up
      Right click on the desktop. Select 'arrange' and how you want them sorted
      Screen says 'Ctrl- Alt-Del 
      Hold down Ctrl+Alt with your left hand, and push'delete' with your right
      Within a program

      I can't find the file
      Search for it (see instructions above)Open the Recycle Bin. Is it in there?

      I need today's date
      Hover over the clock in the lower right corner. It'llshow the dateStart typing the date (you probably know the month)and Word usually fills it in for youShift+Alt+D is the keyboard shortcut for date

      I erased my document/text/para graph
      Ctrl+Z will undo one step at a time for up to 200steps
      Program disappeared
      Is it on the taskbar? Click to re-activate

      Program froze
      There's probably a dialogue box open somewhere.Look around the screen. When you find it, it'll want you to answer a questionYou might have gotten out of it. Re-select it on thetaskbar

      Menu command is grayed out, won't work
      You're probably in the middle of something you don'teven know about. Push 'Esc' (for 'escape') four timesand try again

      I can't exit a program
      Alt+F4 closes most programs. Or Ctrl+WCtrl+Alt+Delete and then select the Task Manager.From there, pick the 'applications' tab and close yourprogram.

      Double-click doesn't work
      Click and then push enter.

      Shift key won't capitalize
      Is your Caps Lock on?

      From the Internet
      Top toolbar disappeared
      Push F11

      It's too small
      Ctrl++ zooms in, as does Ctrl+ rolling the mouse wheel

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