• andy chuks How to Use JAMB UTME Online Brochure
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    Using The JAMB UTME Online Brochure

    The online brochure is built to be dynamic. It can help you easily locate your course, institution, catchments area for an institution. You may also download parts of the brochure.

    To download the brochure
    - Visit http://www.jamb.org.ng website from Internet Explorer
    - SignIn with your PIN and Serial Number
    - Click Brochure link
    - Click Search Brochure or Browse through the Brochure or Download Brochure as you may require.

    The Search Brochure link lets you:
    - Locate the institutions offering a specified course. You can achieve this by selecting the course and select a state. The system will find all the institutions in that state that offer your selected course. Alternatively, you can specify course and select ‘All’ from school list box, the system will check through all the institutions registered with Jamb that offer your selected course.

    - Locate catchments for state. In this option you will be required to specify the state, the system will display catchments institutions of the selected state. Selecting the 'Click' option beside an institution will display all courses available in the institution. To know the requirement for each course, Click 'Requirement' link beside the course.

    The Browse through brochure displays all the faculties in the institutions. You can select a faculty to see the courses and their requirements. This option is similar to the manual way of searching through hard copy brochure. Courses are arranged faculty by faculty in a tabular form with requirements The Download: This provides users to download copies of the brochure may be for future use.

    The brochure is broken into faculties, such that users will only download the faculty that concerns and to reduce time it will take to download the entire brochure which may be difficult to handle.

    To download the brochure:
    - Click on faculty
    - Click Save to save the downloaded file to a specified location or
    - Click Open to open and View/Print the registration template
    - Click Cancel to cancel the downloading Process
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