• andy chuks How to Use Has, Have and Had in a Sentence?
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    Some people are usually confused where and when to use has, have or had in a sentence. I will try to explain their various usage to the best of my ability.

    Has - it is used when we talk about singular third person like He, She. Eg She has a car. Obi has a standing fan.
    Have - It is used when we talk about single or plural first person (I, we), or second person (you), or plural third person (they). Eg
    I have a good car.
    We have a good referral system.
    You have a good name.
    Do you have what it takes to be rich?
    They have three mad dogs.

    Had - This is past form of has and have. Eg
    She has a bad temper - She had a very temper (past)
    They have many cars - They had many cars.
    We have good plans - We had good plans.
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    • jokes ujam kudosssssss.........
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    • ousainou jeng Thanks Andy
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    • goodness richard thanks alot for the ability to impart some knowledge into us.. but i have one question to ask................................
      when some1 whens to talk about long time seeing a person, which one of these should the person use eg_ it have been a longtime or it has been a longtime or it had been a longtime. Please urgent answer

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