• abubakar ada Thunder by Ada Abubakar.
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    Did you hear the voice.
    It speaketh like fire.
    It is louder than a roar.
    It is faster than light.
    It scares the people.
    young and old.
    It sends them all into a quietude.
    For they say.our fathers say.
    This is a killer voice.
    It murders in sleep.
    But sonner have they spoken.
    That silence prevails again.
    for the voice has ceased.
    And alas the rain cometh.
    For this voice is the voice of ............. Thunder by Ada Abubakar.
    17 June 2011Comment
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    • shegun babatunde summarize this poem pls and question
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    • williams sodic this poem is all about natural believe of people(superstition)which may not be real...
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