• JP Williams Matter and Its Properties
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    Matter is a substance that has mass and can occupy space. Examples of matter are air, water, plants and animals etc.

    States of Matter
    Matter can exist in
    i) Solid State
    ii) Liquid State
    iii) Gaseous State

    Matter can be changed from one state to another usually affected by change in temperature. Some processing like Melting, Vapourisation, Condensation, Freezing, Sublimation etc are involved.

    Some Matters can exist in three states eg is water.


    Matter has physical and chemical properties
    Physical Properties such as melting point, boiling point, density, solubility, odour, colour etc.
    Chemical Properties such as changes they undergo to form a new substance like rusting of an iron when exposed to moist air.

    Matter can undergo two changes
    Physical Change: Change that is temporary and can be easily reversed. E.g mixture of water and stone, dissolution of sodium chloride NaCl in water.
    Chemical Change: Change that is permanent and cannot be easily reversed. E.g Burning of Sulphur in plenty of air.
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    • anthonia akpan Does matter occur in its impure state?
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    • JP Williams matter can occur in impure state. eg water can occur in impure state and its a matter
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