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    Suppose a car moves from one village A to another village B which are about 20km apart in 10 minutes. We may say the car travelled the 20km in time interval of 10 minutes. Thus

    Speed is the rate at which distance is travelled. It is the rate of change of Distance.

    S (v) = Distance Travelled/ Time taken

    In Symbols, v = s/t

    The S.I Unit of speed is metre per second (m/s). Speed is a scalar quantity since it measure rate of change of distance (magnitude) and no direction. Speed can be Uniform: ie same of a period or not.

    If a body travels a distance of 10 km in 1 hr, what is the speed of the body?

    Ans: Distance, s = 10km = 10 x 1000 m = 10,000 metres
    Time, t = 1 x 60 x 60 = 3600 seconds
    therefore, Speed, v = s/t = 10000/3600 = 2.78m/s
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    • JP Williams Speed can be instantaneous ie speed measured any instant. Speedometer is used in measuring instantaneous speed.
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    • odafe laurel what about in intervals what instrument is used?
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