• mohammed bello Agricultural system
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    Defination of agricultural system,and mention some of it system with brief explanation.
    22 April 2011Comment
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    • andy chuks Agricultural System is a collection of elements that are inter-related, and by some form of interaction and interdependence operate within a specified boundary to attain a specific agricultural objective on behalf of the system beneficiaries.

      Agricultural Systems can also be defined are various strategies for managing a farm. These strategies typically decribe whether farmers use pesticides or are organic, self contained or interact with surrounding environment, use strict measurements/plans or follow their intuition in making decisions on their farms.

      Agricultural Systems can be classified into NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS

      - Natural Agricultural Systems - Eg use of pest control programs like use of ladybugs to eliminate aphids (however these ladybugs must come naturally not introduced)

      - Artificial Agricultural Systems - Eg use of pesticides to control pests.

      It can also be classified into EXPLICIT AND IMPLICT AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS

      - Explicit Agricultural Systems: Eg use of exact amounts of nutrients like fertilizer, water or pesticides

      - Implicit Agricultural Systems: Here Farmers use less strict measurement.

      It can also be classified into STATIC AND DYNAMIC AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS

      - Static Agricultural System: a system that tends to remain the same irrespective of the local environmental changes.

      - Dynamic Agricultural Systems: That is a system that is constantly changing in the environment.
      An agricultural system that is open will contain or interact with parts of the local environment, while a closed agricultural system does not interact with the local environment at all.
      For example, a greenhouse lettuce farm is a relatively closed environment compared to an outdoor lettuce farm.

      READ MORE FULL DETAILS ON AGRICULTURAL SYSTEMS @ http://skoola.com/Files_books/Agricultural%20Systems.pdf

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    • theodore murindahabi SOME OF ITS SYSTEM:
      Agricultural loan,extension.regulation.research,marketing and agricultural production

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