• andy chuks Process of borrowing and returning books in Library
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    To borrow a book from any Library, you will need to register first. Most Libraries will require you present a form Identification, an ID card (National ID, School ID, International Passport, Driver's License etc).

    On presentation of the card you will be required to fill form and register with the library, you might be required to present one or two referees that will sign as surety on your behalf; you might also be required to pay some amount of money as access fee (monthly or yearly). After the registration you will be issued with a library card or access code if online, with which you can borrow books.

    To borrow a book, you select the book(s) you want to borrow and present it to the Librarian, who would take your library card and register the book(s) name and number on it, enter the borrowing date and the return date. He/she will also register it on another card, you will then sign on both cards and take the book(s)

    Returning the borrowed book
    Before/On the stipulated date, you are required to return the book. On presenting the book, the librarian will sign off on you card and duplicate cards/register that you have return the book and also state the date. Note in most library if you fail to return the book at stipulated date, you may be fined.
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