• andy chuks How to Make Simple Decision: When it is right to Say No!!
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    Often times in Life we are presented with situations, where saying yes or no is very hard to choose from. Imagine a situation you made a promise to your bosom friend in presence of trusted colleagues that you will do anything they ask of at that point. Imagine also you are a teetotaller and this friend demands you take a cup or bottle of beer.

    Having made a promise, it is very much right to fulfill your promise but will you do that at your own detriment? One should take time to weight options that presents it self in life and know when to say no even if it will hurt people at that particular point in time.

    To know when to say no or yes, firstly, think of what you want and wish to be as a person. Your personality/principles will guide you in choosing what to decide.
    Secondly, check what is right for the affected persons, put yourself in their position and check whether you would accept such decision(s).
    18 April 2011Comment
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    • paul eze definitely some promises can be broken for the overall good of the individual. If keeping such promise will mean breaking personal principles and going against one's inner thought then I think refusing the request might be a lighter way out.
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    • ani ifeoma francisca Andy,i like ur write up,so friends lets try and think twice before we make promise that will ruin our life,life first before any other thing.Think well before u vomit out.
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