• aseye senam subject verb agreement
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    none of you claims responsibility for this incident? none of you claim responsibility for this incident? which is right and why
    03 November 2010Comment
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    • paul eze the second is correct. Reason? Reference is being made to more than one person (none of you could mean none out of two or more persons). So in line with grammatical subject verb agreement the plural subject has to go with plural verb.

      If the statement had clearly indicated that one person was being referred to the verb ''çlaims'' would have been chosen. Clear?

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    • pauleta paul the first is right, because none is singular and so a singular word should follow suit (claims)
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    • quajowuzu aezeek pauleta is right because ''none of you'' is singular and by the rule of grammar, it has to follow a singular verb.Therefore,the first one is correct.
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