• COLLINS KENYAH DANYI Explain ways by which grazing animals lose heat
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    Please I need five clear points on this question
    31 October 2010Comment
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    • williams sodic Grazing Animals are always under intense heat due to the environment, for these animals to survive they need to lose the heat they absorb else they suffer from Heat Stress which could lead to their death if not taken care of.

      Methods Grazing Animals reduce heat or prevent/control Heat Stress

      Cooling under Shade: Grazing animals rest/cool themselves under shade to lose or reduce heat during intense temperature.

      Shearing: For certain animals that have hair, shearing (cutting off their hairs/wool) could help increase heat loss.

      Cooling in water: Certain animals with hairless skins cool themselves by dipping into water/pool.

      Changing Position relative to sun direction: Some animals have reflective skins, and change their position to reflect away the sun rays thus reducing heat absorption.

      Excretion of Concentrated Urine: Some animal lose heat by excreting concentrated urines.

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