• odah joseph corruption
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    They say Nigeria is corrupt, yet its the country where are treated without disrespect, and are given the best of hospitality. any little bad new in Nigeria is heard all over the world. i feel those who benefits from Nigeria are scaring others away so they could get all benefit to themselves. we have a lot to learn from each other. this is the country with more than 200 ethnic group with different morals, but we still find a way to survive, with little or no prejudice. imagine the so called countries without corruption having just 100 ethnic groups, i don't think they will ever survive democracy, even the tower of babel never did. God is with Nigeria and will see it survive.
    all civil engineers must arise to develop our home country Nigeria. God bless Nigeria
    15 October 2010Comment
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    • ogugua belonwu amen my bro
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