• andy chuks How to make money through Info-Marketing
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    Info-marketing is simply the act of promoting or marketing information products (e-books). Info-marketing has been there for sometime now, it simply means having and information needed by group of persons and giving these information to them in exchange for money.

    You may have come across a website selling and ebook on certain information eg http://e-registrationbusiness.com

    Anybody can start info-marketing business, the following are the steps/requirements

    - You will need to sit down, look around you and find problems that have no answer or reasonable solution to or business ideas/opportunities untouched or neglected
    - Think of a solution to that problem or how to start the business
    - Test it and see it works
    - Put down a report on how to solve the problem or how to start the business
    - Package it as an E-book and place it for sale at any price you choose.

    After getting and info-product you can sell, the next big problem is marketing it. You can achieve this in many ways.
    - Start with your friends, tell them about it and ask them to tell their friends
    - Create a sales page for your product (You can google Sales page templates/samples to get something)
    - Make sure your sales page contains a very catchy design and sales letter. This will ensure more conversion.
    - Use PPC Ads to promote your sales page
    - Write many articles related to your product and have a link to your sales page on it.
    - Submit these articles to article directories and other related blogs as guest post.
    - Use Social media sites to share your product with your friends (eg Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc)
    - Create a blog and write quality content to it, and place and ad of your product on it.
    - Email Marketing
    - SMS Marketing

    and much more

    After doing your marketing, sit down and wait for money to start rolling in.

    Remember to tract the performance of your sales page.

    This business is good. For instance, if you have a product you are selling #3500 and sells 10 or 20 in a month, you have between #35,000 and #70,000 in a month for just one product. Since its electronic you don't pay for printing out your products.

    If you have any questions do ask below.
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    • paul eze excellent advice
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